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Kurt Schaefer Congress

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Why I'm Running

I am running for Congress because our nation is in trouble. We have a border crisis with illegal aliens killing our economy, killing our citizens and killing our country’s future. The drugs flooding our streets are killing our families, and the politicians in Washington DC aren’t doing anything about it. We are suffering under the broken Biden economy, where their endless spending has created record inflation and record deficits. They are burying the next generation, our kids and grandkids, in a financial hole they can never escape. This moment in our country’s history demands not only a conservative fighter but a conservative winner. The stakes are too high for more talkers; we need doers. There is no one who will do more than me to fight and win for Missouri.”

The Conservative Fighter that Wins for Us

Kurt Schaefer has spent his entire career fighting for real hardworking Missourians. Whether as a State Prosecutor putting violent criminals behind bars, as a special assistant US Attorney holding big corporations accountable for their actions, or in private practice protecting family farms against a hostile federal government. When Missourians were suffering under Obama’s broken economy, Schaefer led the fight in the State Senate to balance the budget without raising taxes. He cut over $1 billion in government waste and reformed welfare. When the Obama Administration tried attacking Missourians’ 2nd Amendment rights, Schaefer led the fight to make the Missouri’s right to bear arms the strongest in the country. When Kurt caught State Democrats disclosing Missouri’s CCW permit information, he shut them down and empowered Missouri’s sheriffs. Schaefer chaired the Sanctity of Life Committee, which investigated Planned Parenthood regarding the illegal sale and disposal of aborted fetuses; he continued in his protection of the unborn by completely defunding Planned Parenthood for the first time in Missouri history and stopping abortions from being performed at the Columbia Planned Parenthood facility. Kurt Schaefer is a conservative fighter and champion for the people of Missouri.

Kurt Schaefer’s connection to Missouri’s 3rd District goes back generations. Kurt’s Great Grandpa had a small cattle farm in Cottleville where his hand built barn stood for generations. When it came time for Kurt to attend college, he of course chose Mizzou and has been True Son ever since. While at Mizzou he met Jefferson City native, Stacia Wyrick. Kurt and Stacia were married at Stephen’s Chapel on August 4th, 1990 and have now called central Missouri home for nearly forty years. They have three adult children who are all currently enrolled in the University of Missouri system. Kurt and Stacia live on their farm in Boone County.

Kurt Schaefer

Conservative Fighter Kurt Schaefer files for Missouri’s Third Congressional District

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